February 10, begins the year of the Yang Wood Dragon, a majestic and formidable beast bringing big changes and a huge energy shift for everyone. It is a year to look beyond the confines and to dream big, to envision the future we want. Getting clarity on our purpose or mission is essential (see our Moon Ritual below which may assist with this).

As we are moving from the small energy of the Rabbit to one of the largest in the Chinese calendar, it is important to do as much inner-work and clear old energies on all levels as we need in order to prepare for this big expansion.

Dragon years are considered very auspicious as they symbolize power, inner strength and courage. This is a year to actively step into our power, to allow our gifts, talents and truth to shine out. Authenticity is key and of the highest vibration. We are asked to believe in ourselves, to remember who we are, to find our own authentic story.

WOOD is the heavenly stem defining the Dragon this year. It’s about creativity, wisdom, vitality, vision, growth, learning, organization, inventiveness, cooperation, moving forward, having clear direction, taking a course of action, and deciding on priorities. Dragon combined with vitality and growth of Wood element creates a dynamic force of innovation and adaptability.

To help with our journey into self-authenticity, I love this simple practice by Zach Bush:

Lay down beneath a tree, looking up through the branches to the light. The light refraction patterns through that system is enough to reprogram your original neurology. If you stare long enough up to the sky through that matrix it helps align with the patterns that are you. The patterns that are seen by nature. Allow yourself to be seen by that tree. It’s powerful and transformative to be seen by nature. So simple.

Join us for a Full Moon Starlight Ritual.

The upcoming February full moon on Saturday 24 February has seven names, one of which is Dog Moon and is ruled by Virgo, the planet governing order and clarity, creating a potent time to utilize this beautiful Full Moon energy for a night of powerful intentions to be grounded in sacred ceremony and to nurture those you carry in your heart.

Venue: Barra Brui Oval, 2A Burraneer Ave, St Ives 2075, 7.15-8.45pm Saturday 24 February. Please RSVP to judi@soulhealingstudio.com.au. Feel free to also bring a drum if you wish.

Exchange: $30 cash.

Please note: The ritual and meeting will be held outside (weather allowing) so dress warmly if required and bring a torch (any changes will be notified via SMS the previous evening).