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Judi and Kate provide duo-practitioner energy balancing sessions for relaxation, pain relief, and to promote the body’s innate healing response. You can choose to have a healing session with either or both of them.

You will receive the healing in fully-clothed comfort on a massage table or chair depending on your mobility. Crystals will be placed in your hands, under the table and on your body. The session itself will then incorporate techniques such as energy-balancing, sound-healing, aromatherapy and anointing.

In this nurturing, safe environment, your energy field is gently cleared of the debris and blocks that can lead to bodily dis-comfort and physical dis-ease. Your chakras and aura will be balanced and your soul-spirit connection will be gently strengthened. You will leave feeling lighter and renewed.

About Kate

Kate’s understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection has led to her passion for bodywork including Reiki and Ashati energy healing, in particular. She is a firm believer that we are all capable of a lot more than we think we are if we can only learn to listen to our inner self guidance.  Reiki is a wonderful energy to assist people seeking their Soul purpose to connect to their own spirituality and begin their healing journey.

Kate Gyngell

I moved to Sydney from the UK with my husband and 3 small children in 2002. Growing up, I loved being outside in nature and at an early age recognised its ability to calm the mind and body. I found that I could bring that sense of calm into the home and, later, into the workplace.  I’ve had a keen interest in health and well-being for years and this led me to learn more about the inner workings and needs of the physical body and then to my business in nutrition and supplementation.

Over time, it became clear to me that our mind and spirit also have to be nurtured and healthy in order for us to be truly well and free of dis-ease. We all carry emotional ‘baggage’, which, if left unattended, can lead to physical ailments.

I’ve learned from many wonderful spiritual leaders and healers since then and, on numerous occasions, was urged to become a healer myself but was unsure which modality would be right for me. Finally, I was introduced to Ashati energy healing which helps to heal the body, mind and soul, expand awareness and higher senses, understand thoughts and emotions and connect with our higher self and spirit guides.  Since then, and over several years, I completed the three levels of Reiki training and am now a Reiki Master.

Working with Judi and bringing our combined skills together allows us to work on many levels and, most importantly, to provide a truly unique and personalised session for our clients that’s beautifully nurturing and relaxing as well as achieving great results.

About Judi

Judi has been assisting people with their health for nearly 30 years, both professionally and informally as a friend. Having spent many years studying and in clinic, her list of modalities now spans a wide range of conditions. Having completed her Reiki Masters and Level II Sound Healing, she is currently working with vibrational energies and the use of sacred drumming as a healing tool.

Judi Bastinwagner

After a discussion in 1990, as a backpacker, with a rugby player at a BBQ in Bondi about a pink surfboard, I now have a husband and two children but haven’t surfed for years!

Over the years, my journey as a healer has taken me down many paths including my own confrontation with breast cancer ten years ago. This stage of my life led to the start of an online business, Holistic Hampers, providing useful care packages for patients undergoing cancer and hospital treatments. I also run other ventures including a homewares store and market stall.

My inquiring mind is constantly seeking new challenges and as a result I am currently studying to become a Druid with a particular interest in astro-archaeology and earth energy grids.

My interest in the connection between spirituality and healing was fostered by the country upbringing I was lucky enough to have experienced in England with its remembering of the ancient festivals, the Wheel of the Year, reverence for the elemental realms and seasonal changes. The moon and its relation to ritual is central to my ability to bring forward the wisdom of the circle. The understanding of these connections gives me a unique energy which is utilised within my practice as a healer.

Now I am lucky enough to work with my great friend, Kate where we can both beautifully compliment and complete each others gifts.

“I recently attended a session with Soul Healing Studio where I met Kate & Judi, it was like being welcomed by family! I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed before, during and after the session.

The combination of Aromatherapy, Reiki, Sound healing and a card reading at the end was incredible.

Kate & Judi also provided some insight after the session which was exactly what I needed to hear. I left with so much energy and joy as well as a custom oil blend to use at home and a crystal specifically chosen for me.

I can’t recommend this talented duo enough!

Kate & Judi are kind, gifted and perfectly balanced.

Thank you so much Soul Healing Studio.”

Rachel L

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Thankyou so much for the most divine Goddess feminine nurturing healing I have had in a very long time.  I feel so gentle, soft and whole this morning with a very clear mind.

Peace in my heart and so connected.
What a delightful experience to have two amazing healers working together to bring the light to my soul. I absolutely loved it. 

Thankyou again  
Love, Respect and Kindness


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