Change doesn’t always have to be about taking massive action.  We tend to think that being passive means being resigned or complaisant but that depends wholly on our state of mind at the time, or more specifically, our state of heart or being.

Messages from spiritual leaders right now ask us to spend time in silence or stillness, allowing us to connect to the higher frequency and vibration of the heart rather than the frenetic and lower frequency of the mind or ego that urges us to be constantly doing rather than being.

In that state of peaceful presence, if action is required, it will present itself rather than us trying, through ego, to work out what to do next.  In this way, we connect to and begin to co-create with Source.

Trust and practise are required for us to become comfortable in being peacefully present.  Thoughts come and go but, whilst we can’t control that first thought that arrives unbidden, we can let it go without starting to create a story around it, which simply encourages more thoughts to arrive to take us away from being present.

Guru Singh talks about us practising living at the core of our being, where we actually all originated from; our emotional core is joy, our mental core is knowing, our physical core is ease and our spiritual core is liberation.

Perhaps something to think about at the beginning of this year especially if you’re feeling mentally under pressure to do and act in order to achieve.