We’re all familiar with our seven bodily senses; touch, taste, smell etc but what about our Soul Body Senses?  These Senses help us to explore deeper levels of our existence.  They are instrumental in allowing us to feel whole whilst recognising the connection of our life with all life and that life is a gift of conscious awareness that can be used to the benefit of all things.

One of the first steps we need to take to rediscover our Soul Senses is to acknowledge the need to break away from unconscious patterns and the belief that our thoughts and emotions make us who we are.  In this unconscious state, we tend to react to rather than shape our world.

Below is a brief summary of our Higher Senses.  The importance of deepening or rediscovering them right now cannot be understated.  A short (even 5 to 10 minute) daily practice of meditation or being present in nature or somewhere calm is the simplest way to achieve this.  This will naturally raise your vibration and clear the channels through your busy mind to your Soul.

Sense of Self – Your true self or ‘essence’ as Eckhart Tolle calls it, as opposed to the mind or ego.  The Soul self is concerned about the well-being of the whole rather than the me or I.

Sense of Purpose – This can be a tricky one as most of us go through periods of our lives where we don’t feel we have a specific purpose.  However, a sense of purpose in relation to the Soul is much more to do with living on purpose rather than having an ultimate dream or goal.  We can put our energy and love into the most seemingly banal daily tasks and lift others around us in the process.

Sense of Compassion and Self Love – Recognising the Divine in everyone we meet and in ourselves leading to self-worth and acceptance.  Something that seems increasingly challenging for teenagers and young adults to do but is so essential for our ascendence as humane beings.  

Sense of Knowing and Awareness – This is our intuition through which we instinctively see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), feel (clairsentience) or know (claircognizance) information.  Each of us tends to use one of the ‘clairs’ more than the others but we are all capable of using them all with practice.

Sense of Connection – Centuries of war and violence have led to an almost innate fear of our differences leading to separation, suspicion and hierarchy.  Our Soul Sense knows the true connection, not just amongst the human race but to all things, understanding a singularity not a hierarchy.

Sense of Trust and Faith – We all want to feel safe, but it’s unrealistic to think that we’re going to feel safe and secure all the time.  Part of having a sense of trust or faith is to let go of the idea of what we think safety feels like and to start trusting the process.  Embarking on a spiritual path does not mean that life will be a bed of roses.  Challenges will always arise, but we can learn to become an observer rather than making a story or drama about them and move on.  Faith doesn’t have to be blind.  We can trust that things are unfolding as they should, but we also have the ability to learn from them, shift and be guided to take action when necessary.

Sense of Immortality – This aligns with the belief that when our physical bodies die, we transmute into the fullness of Spirit and our Soul lives on.  Whether we feel it or not, we are surrounded by the unconditional love of the Spirit World – Guru Singh refers to this as ‘the ocean of highest frequency’.   During a Reiki session, for example, our senses become attuned to that unconditional love creating a greater connection to the Soul Body and allowing Spirit to communicate with us.

Having an awareness of each of these Soul Senses opens the door.  Deepening and strengthening them is the next step.