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Energy Healing

Everything in our universe is made up of energy, including our physical body, thoughts and emotions. Clearing and balancing our energy allows us to experience higher levels of inner peace, health and happiness. In this state, it is easier to find the connection and beauty in everyone and everything.

  • Identifying what may be holding you back from living your fullest life
  • Helping you move forward with clarity
  • Improving energy levels and sleep patterns
  • Allowing your mind to calm, relax and create space

Energy healing also allows us to reconnect to the true essence of who we are and to let go of what we are not that may be creating stress and toxic build-up within ourselves. Once free of these blockages, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, we are more able to open our minds to stronger inner guidance, deeper knowledge and new ideas. When the flow of energy is improved, our programming shifts and creates more freedom for being our true selves.

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Not Just our ears listen

Music and Sound

Music and sound notes are not just heard by our ears but through each cell in our bodies. As a result, our brainwave patterns are enhanced, increasing our ability to use both sides of our brain which, in turn, supports critical and positive thinking. Music, by the very nature of its sound waves, is able to directly transport you to a state of relaxation and calm.

  • Improving working relationships and clarity around abundance
  • Assistance to connect with spirit guides and messages from angelic realms
  • Bringing more love, joy and gratitude into every day
  • Connecting you with your soul essence and intuition

Our use of sound in the healing session assists by moving any stagnant energy and old patterns of behaviour that is causing blocks. Removing these helps prevent our actions being driven solely by our thoughts and allows more awareness to flow from our heart centre. This in turn brings a greater capacity to see solutions with less judgment of others and creates move love in return.

Energy of Crystals

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have specific healing vibrations and energies which may be used to augment the energy work and chakra clearing. They are used extensively within the healing session in different forms and are often key to creating many shifts. Crystal activators are placed directly on to the body to maximise the movement of the old dense energies or blockages. Wands are used to amplify the energy work by creating easier lines for the clearing to occur. They assist with opening the chakras and are able to transmute negative frequencies.

  • Reconnection to self by making decisions from a place of inner knowing rather than stress/worry
  • Moving into your very own place of peace and self-love
  • Improving relationships and how people interact with you

The work which has started during the treatment is continued by the gift of a crystal to take home. This may be placed beside the pillow or carried in a jacket pocket to allow its healing vibrations to continue.


Therapeutic Essences

Ritual Anointing and Aromatherapy

Our special aromatherapy modality combines the botanical properties of the plant oil with the healing vibration of the crystal. All oils used are 100% pure therapeutic grade which ensures that they have the highest vibration possible. Your body and cells receive these unique properties through the physical cellular pathway by direct touch and also the olfactory mechanism by being inhaled. The sense of smell has direct links to emotions, memories and brain stimulation.

  • Acceptance of past events and shifting of unhelpful patterns
  • Guidance around physical wellbeing including nutrition
  • Overcoming grief and loss

By applying our essential oils through anointing, your body receives them in an ancient way which is remembered by your soul. This links touch, smell, vibration and healing into a very potent transformational and nurturing experience which is capable of deep cellular recalibration.

Surrender to Love and Healing

What to Expect

When you arrive, we will have a brief chat about any specific issues you would like to address during the session. Then we will make you comfortable on the massage bed where you will relax whilst we take care of you and work on each of your bodies; mind, body and soul.

Kate will guide you through a meditation aligning your chakras, allowing you to relax deeply and get in touch with your whole body.


Through energy healing, sound therapy and aromatherapy, your mind will be calmed and quietened, allowing deep relaxation as thoughts are stilled. The love and nurturing that you receive will help you to remember and awaken your heart.


Your feet will then be anointed by Judi with a crystal aromatherapy oil specifically tailored to your needs at this time. Whilst this is happening, Kate will apply hands-on Reiki energy and Ashati healing to balance and clear the chakra system.  These modalities will allow tension to leave your body and cells as they are gently cleansed. Judi will use her crystal wands to assist Kate with energy vibration and movement for optimum results.


As the healing progresses, the energy will allow your awareness to expand, assisting you to understand your thoughts and emotions. This may also be a time to connect to your higher self and spirit guides if appropriate. Judi will utilise this time to enhance the depth of your healing through music and the use of singing bowls.

Towards the end of the session, both Kate and Judi will provide insights, advice and messages received during the healing. Clients will have the option to have a card reading and guidance. Supplementary knowledge and assistance will be sought through dowsing by Judi; this may include nutritional advice, information on useful crystals and helpful daily practices. You will receive a gift of a specific healing crystal and a personalised anointing oil.

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How we work

Divine Spirit and Light

How We Work

Judi and Kate provide duo-practitioner energy balancing sessions for relaxation, pain relieve, and to promote the body’s innate healing response. You can choose to have a healing session with either or both of them.

You will receive the healing in fully-clothed comfort on a massage table or chair depending on your mobility. Crystals will be placed in your hands, under the table and on your body. The session itself will then incorporate techniques such as energy-balancing, sound-healing, aromatherapy and anointing.

In this nurturing, safe environment, your energy field is gently cleared of the debris and blocks that can lead to bodily dis-comfort and physical dis-ease. Your chakras and aura will be balanced and your soul spirit connection will be gently strengthened. You will leave feeling lighter and renewed.

Your session will take about 1.5 hours. Prepare by being well hydrated and wearing comfortable clothes. Try to arrange your schedule afterwards to allow space for integration and grounding.

For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early.

Awaken, Renew, Connect

Suggested Packages

These are some of our more popular healing packages, however, we are always happy to tailor our time and treatments to your specific needs.


Duration: 1.5hrs


Duration: 1.5hrs


Duration: 1hr


Duration: 45mins

These appointments are so important as they are a step towards acknowledging and understanding your self-worth. The music, aromatherapy oils, sound, and energy healing open and activate your senses and will reconnect you on many levels. These loving and nurturing packages will help relieve the toxic-load that you carry every day in your energetic field and will leave you feeling re-energised and calm.

Bottles and flowers

Christine was experiencing extreme stress in her private and work life. She came to us for relaxation and to find clarity in moving forward.

“As I entered the room, I felt like I entered a haven. During the healing, I felt relaxed and completely present. Every worrying thought was left behind. Kate’s gentle voice guided me to a place of love and peace. Kate was so accurate with clearing my chakras. She was quick to sense where there was a block. Judi’s gentle and caring healing touch made me feel loved, safe and nurtured. I felt like I was floating on clouds. During the healing I felt and saw a band of white light around my head with a magnetic pull. As Kate worked on my 3rd eye Chakra I saw and felt a beautiful violet light that was calming and soothing. I left feeling happy, at peace and gained clarity on things that were on my mind prior to my session. I would happily recommend Soul Healing Studio to anyone that feels there is a part of them deep inside that needs healing or just time out to clear the mind and heal the soul. I was given a beautiful gift box, inside a healing crystal and anointing oil to take with me. Take some time out for yourself and make an appointment for a healing session. Thank you Kate Gyngell and Judi Bastinwagner Lots of love to you both.”


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