Humans have been making music for many thousands of years.  In 2014, a 42,000 year-old flute made out of a vulture wing was found in a cave in Germany and we can be sure that before humans were making their own musical instruments, they would have been using their voices to sing.

Birds, whilst using their voices for communication often also appear just to be singing for the sheer joy of it and well known composers have been inspired by their song.  Many of Nature’s sounds made by creatures or the elements relax, soothe and centre us, and of course the music we each choose to play or listen to has an effect on our emotions, making us feel uplifted and energised or sad and nostalgic.  We all have songs that conjure up memories, both happy and sad.

What you may or may not know is that certain frequencies can actually have a healing effect on our physical body, our nervous system and our chakras.  The 9 Solfeggio frequencies relate to individual tones and vibrations that are thought to open the chakras and induce a positive physical or mental response.

Known as the ‘miracle tone’ or ‘love frequency’, 528 Hz is considered to be one of the most powerful frequencies.  It is said to resonate at the heart of nature and, interestingly, can be found in bees and chlorophyll. It’s believed that this frequency can stimulate the body’s natural healing process giving rise to cell regeneration and repair and reduce pain.  This frequency relates particularly to the Solar Plexus chakra helping to restore personal power and confidence, harmony and balance.

On a scientific note, in 2018, a Japanese study examined the stress-reducing effect of the 528 Hz frequency on the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system finding that cortisol significantly decreased and oxytocin significantly increased after only a short exposure to 528 Hz music.  Tension-anxiety and Total Mood Disturbance scores also significantly decreased.

Sound baths, singing bowls and drums are becoming increasingly popular as instruments to assist in mind, body, spirit healing.  At Soul Healing Studio, we regularly incorporate bowls and drums and a beautiful 528 Hz chime into our sessions.  There are also many guided meditations and 528 Hz frequency tracks on YouTube and the Insight Timer app if you’d like to explore this further on your own.