It was lovely to watch at the Coronation how Charles made a point of including and recognizing other religious leaders and faiths. For me it struck a chord as it echoed something I had been reading over the last week where the Reverend Dr Matthew Fox, an Episcopal Priest, was writing about how ‘interfaith movements invite us to act on common values that matter and are capable of accomplishing the necessary rewiring [of our] reptilian brain if our species is to evolve and survive’ and which, in turn, will allow the planet to thrive once more as a consequence. He went on to then discuss how humanity is in desperate ‘need to move from the consciousness of “I win/you lose”; [passing] from a dominating to a partnership mentality/reality is paramount.’ He likened this moving from ‘reptilian brain dominance’ to ‘compassionate consciousness’ to a lighting of a fire for the next stage of our evolution as a species.

We are constantly being told that we are on the precipice of a huge step for humanity and the energies flowing through us at the moment are changing our very DNA. Maybe, just maybe, we are beginning to see this in motion – even at Charles’ Coronation, the epitome of establishment. Moving from religion to spirituality, celebrating diversity while practicing a love of existence, giving gratitude for the earth that sustains us, tolerance and love for all, these are at the core of moving forward.

Just take a moment then to breathe, with gratitude for the existence of everyone on the earth at this time and for the light you hold. Even if it seems like mayhem when things are particularly topsy-turvey, we are all here to support the healing and transformation that is occurring.

How lucky we are.