Dion Fortune, the Leader of the Society of the Inner Light, believed that the balance of the universe is dynamic: everything is in flux and flow. Collectively we are certainly experiencing this at the moment with the after-effects of Covid, the constant rain and, of course, the news from Eastern Europe. So, it is less a question of whether or not we are under stress, and more a discussion about how much stress we are experiencing and, therefore, how unsettled we feel. Below are a few simple tools that can help bring you back into balance.

1. Reconnect with the Earth

Develop a relationship with nature: go out and experience the wind on your cheeks, appreciate the beauty and sound of a stream, or the incredible colours of a sunrise or a sunset. Amidst the beautiful settings in nature, your body and soul can find the equilibrium to help you move forward with greater balance and power.
A simple exercise that enables you to shift stress and generate positive thoughts and feelings is to walk slowly outside, and with each step visualize love coming up into your body from Mother Earth.


2. Draw in the Light

Another power of nature is light. The sun, the stars, a candle or fire has light and human beings are made up of that same light. But sometimes the light that is in each cell of our bodies can feel overshadowed by negative emotions like fear, anger or jealousy. If you find yourself feeling that your inner light needs to brighten, go outside and visualize the light of the sun streaming into your body through the top of your head or sit in front of a candle or fire and breathe that light into your heart.

3. Laugh

Laughter is always a gentle medicine for the soul as it relaxes over-burdensome aspects that appear, especially the feeling that assumes we need to have everything in order before we can be happy. Often the opposite is true as when we can simply laugh or make a joke about something that is troublesome, we inevitably experience a sigh of relief.

4. Move your body

Walking provides humans with a great regenerative effect mentally and physically. However, many of us suffer from the side effects of a more sedentary lifestyle, especially a reduction in the naturally occurring “feel good” hormones that are released when we move our muscles or exercise. If your attitude needs a shift, try a simple walk as a way to regain your balance and breath.


These tools for transformation and balance are available to each and every one of us and can quickly bring a positive focus and a sense of well-being to your soul. Although simple, they can create major shifts in all aspects of your life when practiced regularly. The hard part is simply to do them, so it can be helpful to set goals. Start by doing one practice each day for a week and then take note of how you feel. By bringing balance to yourself, you will bring balance to the human collective vibration – and that is never a bad thing!