Some people come into our life when we need them most, even if we don’t consciously realise we’ve been looking for them. They may be with us for just a few moments, several months or years or for most of our life.   These people are often our most valuable teachers, and their primary lesson is for us to know unconditional love.

We may refer to these people as Earth Angels and, as the need to evolve becomes more pressing, I believe there are more of these beautiful souls moving amongst us.  Their purpose is to lift the vibrational energy of others and the planet by sharing their energy and making the world a happier and more conscious place to live, whilst expecting nothing in return.  Earth Angels are gentle and light-hearted and, as spiritually evolved beings, are quick to see the positive in most situations.

Some believe that our pets are Earth Angels, here with us to teach us unconditional love and pure joy, and certainly, that’s not too hard to believe.

Have a think about times in your life when someone has appeared just at the right moment to brighten your day, to support you through a difficult situation or to guide you with love and encouragement for perhaps years at a time.  You know you feel lighter and happier and more centred after spending time with them.  You may also be aware that you feel better about yourself, and this being their most important lesson, the more you love who you are, the closer you become to who you truly are.

If we work to evolve spiritually in this lifetime, I believe we can become Earth Angels.  Perhaps you are one already, and what an extraordinary gift to others that is.  There are countless ways to bless this world with your life. Becoming a being of love is the foundation.