More than that, we are one with everyone and, indeed, everything around us. We are made of the same molecules, vibrations, energy but just in a different configuration. Tricky as it may seem, we are made of the same cosmic ‘stuff’ as the trees, the grass, the bird flying overhead, the car going past, the rubbish in the bins, the cardboard smelling of urine at the end of the street, the beautifully scented flower, the computer… you get the idea.

Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God, gives his workshop students a task for a week to consciously look at everything around them and say, ‘I am part of that and that is part of me’. Many people witness a profound change in their thinking as a result of this seemingly simple, yet effective, growth of understanding.

At this time in humanity’s history, surely the enlightened goal is to link together with tolerance and love towards our fellow beings whatever creed, views or religion they hold. It does not matter what political agenda they support, whether they are vaccinated or not, or if they view the world differently. We are all one. Being comfortable in your own being and at peace with yourself, allows you to meet others with unconditional love and without fear. Far better to see similarities that lead to a sharing and acceptance so that we may all move forward within the stillness of a clear mind and open heart.

In Claire Heartsong’s poignantly-timed book, Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, there is a line on the page entitled ‘Aspirations’ which reads,

“May we awaken to the equanimity and truth of the

Oneness we all share”

By giving in to our judgments, we allow ourselves to become distracted. We must meet each other by remembering our connections, so that we can walk arm in arm towards the New Earth.

Yours in love and light

Kate & Judi