The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

~W.B. Yeats

Wouldn’t it be interesting to ask a newborn baby what they would like out of their human experience? I wonder what they would say before they grow to realise the limitations that the other humans already here are going to place upon them, how their intuition and ‘sight’ will become shut down, how their joy and appreciation of being in this incredible existence will become jaded by well-meaning others telling them not to do or feel or think whatever and to be ‘normal’. It cannot be a surprise to anyone that a great percentage of young people turn to drugs in order to cope with their earth walk and the shutting down of their spirit.

Maybe one joy of getting older is that we can now do things we want to do without consequence because we just don’t care what others may think or do as a result? In these days of such a heightened social media presence, truth and authenticity are rare commodities since it seems that everyone now has to fake their everyday existence.

I recently shared a retreat with some amazing senior ladies who totally embodied their spirit’s freedom and were such an inspiration as to how to live each minute of their life for themselves. They embodied a depth of compassion and joy which was as infectious as it was beautiful to witness. Lives lived well on every level and in doing so, they brought magic to others. We all have a choice to embrace good energy, witness beauty, know ourselves better, investigate our spiritual side, and love more, so let’s live every single moment we can!

So, if you see me singing loudly and dancing in the street, I don’t mind if you walk past, but I would love you to join me!