How do we know when we are connected to our Soul or Higher Self?  What does it feel like?  In those moments of pure joy that sometimes come upon us quite unexpectedly, we connect unconsciously.  It is possible to consciously connect, however, and building on that connection/relationship brings so many benefits and can literally be life changing.

We don’t necessarily associate loneliness, emptiness, depression, addiction and feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled with a lack of connection to our Soul because we tend to look for the cause of our unhappiness in external factors.  One of the biggest benefits of being connected to our Soul is the way it changes our outlook on life, the way we make decisions, and how we react to challenges that naturally arise in all our lives.  One of the greatest gifts of getting to know our Soul is that we’re less likely to feel alone and anxious when troubles hit.

Even if we feel we’re tracking quite nicely, it’s very easy to get caught up in distractions and busyness so that we end up just existing or going through the motions each day rather than living a life that’s purposeful and soul driven. 

And, what about that age old question, “What is my Purpose?”  Even if we don’t have a defined answer, staying connected to our Soul will help keep us on the right path. It’s not necessarily a question of knowing exactly why we’re here, it’s more a feeling that we’re in flow and in alignment with who we are, joyful and at peace in any given moment. We feel whole and life seems effortless and light.  In contrast, the more time we spend in our minds with our (often unhelpful) thoughts and limiting beliefs, the further we get pulled away from our true purpose, and it’s a good measure of how disconnected we are if things are going awry and we’re feeling a bit lost.  Reconnecting and being guided by our Soul will bring us back to centre and a sense of clarity and peace.

In a state of higher consciousness and connection, we also manifest more easily what or who we need to assist us.  It may be a job or an idea or someone who has the wisdom or means to help us grow and evolve.  Encountering a Soul connection with another human is one of the great joys in life, and one can be sure that that connection has been built over several or many lifetimes.

Our Soul enables our creative spirit to flourish, and it stretches the boundaries and limitations of our human mind so that we no longer feel we’re not good enough or undeserving of a limitless life.

Finally, the feeling of completeness that we have when we’re connected to our Soul gives us the freedom from dependence on others for our happiness.  This doesn’t mean we’re not connected to others.  In fact, in that higher state of consciousness, we feel connected to everything and everyone.  A sense of being lit up from the inside, which is a gift to others as it rubs off on them too.

Take some time, even 5 minutes a day to practise connecting to your Soul. Gratitude, meditation, Reiki healing, sound healing, spending time in nature, being kind and compassionate to others and journaling are all ways to make that connection.  Ask questions and listen for the answers.  They may not come in the way you expect but if you’re open and paying attention, they will come.