To balance our own masculine and feminine energies and to achieve deep personal healing, we need to see how the world around us exhibits the masculine and feminine. Currently, it seems that the world has become polarised to a distorted masculine rather than a true divine masculine energy, and that, particularly for many lightworkers, there appears to be an opposite polarisation towards a distorted feminine. However, it is important we view these themes less as a male/female scenario and more as a mirror of the feminine and masculine frequencies that are within each of us.

So how do we balance these?

To understand balance, we must first acknowledge the Shadow as the Shadow shows us the side we should initially address. It teaches us that to find your balance point of equanimity, those issues which trigger us are what our ‘human being’ needs to resolve.

This is why we react in certain situations; we get triggered — it is our soul’s way of letting us know as what is highlighted is often a trait that is opposite to what we have, and we actually need some of its ‘medicine’ to balance us. Looking at your triggers as medicine can often eliminate areas of discord from your life as it allows you to be more self-aware and to heal inner conflicts from within.

Take time to write down your triggers from both your male and female perspectives; for instance, the issues that get you really going, when you are ready to get on your soap box and put the world to rights. Look at where these triggers originate; are they from childhood belief systems, traumas or other circumstances from adulthood? Watch how you balance this trigger internally or externally. When we look at our triggers as medicine, we become the observer of our thoughts and emotions and from that point of observation, the trigger can be healed, combined with a deep compassion for self and successfully integrated into balance once more.