There is a window in time which we have in this physical incarnation to remember who we are.  Each lifetime, short or long, is an opportunity to rediscover our purpose to grow into the unlimited space and light of the Soul; to become conscious of becoming pure consciousness.

Expanding to reach beyond the confines of our imagination, dismissing the conditioning that is the affliction of mankind.  Stretching ourselves into the beings of light we are here to be and taking that light into our relationships, places of work and especially into situations of trauma, conflict and sadness when the opportunity arises.

Holding anger, resentment, envy, judgement and grief within us, we risk losing the chance to evolve.  Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t feel these emotions – they are part of every human experience – but if we don’t at some point recognise that every emotion begins with the joy of life itself, we miss the point.

Life is hard and easy, exciting and dull, happy and sad.  Learning to ride the waves, staying present in each moment, we have the full experience.  Love yourself for playing your part. Accept yourself as whole.  Reach into the depths of your being to find the light and joy which is your birth-right, which makes sense of the non-sense and allows you to rediscover and know intimately the ‘I am that I am.’