As Spring arrives here in the Southern Hemisphere, giving the house a spring clean or a bit of a declutter is a tradition that’s been around a long time. It’s also the time of year we start spending more time outside and perhaps thinking a little more about our physical health and getting into shape for summer. We can use this time as a reminder that cleansing and maintaining our energetic self, our astral and auric bodies, is just as important as paying attention to and maintaining our physical body. Sometimes this is referred to as spiritual hygiene, and it certainly shouldn’t be limited just to Spring. In fact, we all have our own daily routines for our physical hygiene and there’s no reason we shouldn’t do the same for our energetic body.

Why is this important? There are many reasons why our energetic body can become cluttered, stagnant and contaminated. If you’re feeling a bit off, have difficulty focusing, or you’re restless and find your mind is constantly overcrowded with thoughts and chatter, it’s helpful to incorporate some simple clearing practises into your day.

Whilst we’re often affected by our own heavy energy, we can also quite easily and unknowingly, pick up and absorb unhelpful energy from others particularly if you’re an empath. Shielding yourself with light or “cloaking” is a good habit to get into before leaving the house but, just like anything that’s easy to do, it’s also easy not to do and we sometimes forget.

At this point in time, the collective consciousness worldwide is one of uncertainty, fear and frustration. It takes real effort not to absorb and become affected by it. If you have neck and shoulder pain and feel at times that you’re carrying the “weight of the world” on your shoulders, you’re quite likely taking on some of this energy. Our neck and shoulders are where this affects us most. Just being aware of this means that we can do something about it and use some of the methods below to help clear it.

Our homes and places of work also need attention in times of stress or sadness to clear any build-up of unhelpful energy. In Australia at the moment, there are many Year 12 kids and Uni students spending countless hours studying in their rooms and online because of the extended lockdown. Clearing their space is so important and can help calm and refocus them. It may be best to do this when they’re taking a break – my youngest accused me of “gassing” him out when I first tried this during his final year at school!

So, here are a few methods and tools you can use to clear yourself and your surroundings:

Sage and Palo Santo Smudging

Smudging with white sage is a very old practice. Light the end of the smudge stick or single leaf, blow out the flame and wave the smoke around your body or walk around the room you wish to clear. Open the windows to let unwanted and stagnant energy out. I like to say an affirmation or mantra during this process eg. When clearing myself, “I release all energies that do not serve me as harmony is restored to my mind, body and spirit”; and when clearing a room/home, “I release any negative energy and heaviness from this room. Let it be filled with love, joy and peace.” The smoke of Palo Santo (holy wood) sticks also smells lovely and I find boys/men often prefer it to sage. You can also buy sage and Palo Santo sprays if you prefer a smokeless method.

If your neck and/or shoulders are troubling you, wave the smoke around the back of your neck and your throat. Just make sure you don’t burn yourself!


Sit in a favourite spot in your home or outside on the grass or with your back against a tree and envisage tree roots running down deep into the earth from the bottom of your feet. Let your worries and heavy energy leave your body through those tree roots for Mother Earth to take care of and turn into something good. At the same time, see your aura and your body showered with white or golden healing light cleansing your outer energetic bodies and your chakra system to restore balance and wellbeing.


Selenite is a wonderful crystal for clearing energy. Selenite wands are a good shape for clearing unwanted energy from the body. Rose Quartz is also a beautiful crystal for restoring balance and harmony. It has a gentle energy. If you have children or young adults who are finding this time challenging, it may be helpful for them to have some in their room or even under their pillow at night.

Salt Baths

Bathing in saltwater or putting some Epsom salts in your bath can help to remove negative energy. If you don’t want to have a bath, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with sea salt.

Take your time and enjoy trying out these methods consciously. You may be surprised by how much lighter you feel afterwards.