We know that everything is vibrating within our vast universe, including us – millions of atoms constantly oscillating at different frequencies. These vibrations are often below our human perception and senses but present nonetheless. However, there are also vibrations which we use and enjoy such as music, and others which are employed within our world for medicine etc.

Music creates resonances that vibrate through our entire being and allows us to experience an expansion into wider vibrational realities. As such it is a vibrational language that acts as a bridge between matter and spirit, a conduit that allows us to transcend our experience of a separate self and enter into a unified field of interconnectedness. When this happens, the very liquids within our body and cells vibrate differently, they are changed and healing can then occur.

We live within a vast animated universe and there is so much more for us to experience. When we start connecting, experiencing unification personally and as a collective, we will align more with the new frequencies that are constantly downloading this year – particularly during August – drawing us forward on our evolutionary path.

Thus, consciousness is not so much mind as we might previously have thought but frequency-based. It seems we can upgrade our beings by just yielding to that which lights us up from within, by listening to the music of the cosmos around us as it sings and vibrates.