There is a place within each of us where we can reach a whole new level of living, another dimension.  This is where the true nature of our soul is found, the whole, the compassionate, the inner child and the ancient sage.

Our humanness in each physical lifetime is a gift of experiences and learning, but we become distracted with wants and fears that don’t exist in this other dimension.  This place within our heart is the place of healing, our sanctuary.   It takes courage to leave the noise behind to avoid getting caught up in the corrupted and lower energies but this is where the present moment is, the calm within.  It’s where we can connect and communicate with our guides, and from where we can offer others the wisdom and compassion needed in this time.

It’s now becoming increasingly important as Humanity’s consciousness expands to spend time with like-minded souls, to gather together to meditate, to intention, to express gratitude, to laugh and to love and remember how to reach that place.  The strength and peaceful conversations that come from here are what will bring our planet and us back into alignment after this global disruption and what will move us forward into a more elevated and kinder future.