The other day, I discovered what I thought was an interesting thing. Did you know that your thoughts are an electrical pattern, while your heart vibrates in a magnetic pattern? It is all part of the same spiral that goes through time-space which, in turn, is echoed in the universal pattern of growth and evolution; the Golden Ratio. This Sacred Spiral represents eternity and continuity, appearing frequently in nature and is a symbol that represents innocence, rebirth, and the eternal. Amazingly, if you look at pure energy under a microscope it, again, forms spiral patterns.

I also discovered that solar cycles happen every 11 years which is where the sun goes through a process where it changes poles magnetically; north becomes south, and south becomes north. We started the last cycle in 2020 and will reach the top of that solar cycle in July 2025. When a solar cycle reaches its highest intensity, the sun erupts and throws off energy into space, which is called a solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection. This energy then hits the Earth in long magnetic waves which inevitably affects the hearts of the inhabitants of Earth since our hearts vibrate magnetically. In so doing, that then opens up all the heart energy on planet Earth and it opens up possibilities to change and shift the magnetics of the heart. 

Does that mean that everything is going to change because of these solar flares? No, as that is up to the individual, however, this creates an opportunity. Although this solar cycle is still going to last a while, its magnetic waves traveling through space towards Earth can help to open hearts globally. Now that I find immensely exciting!

Yours in love and light

Judi & Kate