Collective Consciousness is defined as a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes that work as a unifying force within society.

These beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes all carry their own energy.  Every individual through every generation of human beings contributes positively or negatively on an energetic level in each moment depending on each thought and the emotion it generates.

So, what happens when fear, anger, distrust and sadness become a common way of being?  Collective consciousness literally becomes a toxic soup that we all feed from.  Do you ever find yourself feeling flat, irritable and joyless without knowing why?  Or your body feels agitated or unsettled for no reason that you can think of?

The thoughts and emotions of the human collective can easily but subtly have a distinct effect on our mood, energy and outlook.

Eckhart Tolle says that our primary objective is to be a conscious human being and that if we’re aligned with the unconditioned consciousness that we are, then no matter what we do, we will have a beneficial effect on the world.  (Short Eckhart Tolle video

In other words, if we’re living by our own internal, conscious truth rather than conditioned and limiting beliefs (much of them delivered to us daily by mass media), we can play a positive part in shaping the collective consciousness.

Obviously, it’s unrealistic to expect that we can be full of joy and bonhomie all the time!  However, we can become more discerning about what we choose to believe and how we react to events and situations that threaten to spin us into cycles of negative thoughts and emotions.  We can also choose to focus on things within our control rather than becoming agitated and depressed about things we have no power over.

Learning to recognise entrenched patterns of behaviour in order to change is a key part of this process.

Just as growing numbers of ordinary people worldwide are becoming more aware about ways to help and conserve our beautiful planet through cleaner living, we can choose to become a more conscious human being and assist in cleaning up our Collective Consciousness for the good of all.