The first eclipse of the moon this year occurred on the morning of June 6 and seems to highlight the shadows of fear and hate being uncovered in the media at the moment as humanity wakes up after its COVID slumber.

Eclipses usually appear in sets of two, but this year they come in sets of three – so this is the first of three consecutive eclipses which will continue to precipitate life-changing shifts in 2020. In the process of things dismantling, disassembling, and crumbling, we can feel unstable which is why change is often so dreaded but we can also discover that wise action in this moment can change the next. We must remember we are beings of free will and can use intention to create anything.

This last week our collective lens has been particularly focused on the experiences of people who continue to be cruelly subjected to racism but as we are now in a time of collective and personal awakening to what has been in the shadows, let’s expand our thinking and get creative with new ways to implement change to the now exposed oppressive and unbalanced ‘old’ systems; as Einsten said “we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” An exchange of conversation now must not only occur between human beings but also between the creatures, plants and spirits that connect us to and with the earth to create a safe and equitable place for all.

The Chandra symbol for this full moon speaks to “knowing how to be there when it counts.” We cannot allow ourselves and our collective power to be diminished by falsehood or lies, by buying into manipulation or fear – especially when perpetuated by the media. We cannot allow humanity to keep making the same mistakes going forward. We all have to show up and be there when it counts.