Last weekend, I got back from Broken Hill where I was lucky enough to be engaged in a drum-making retreat with the wonderful Jane Elworthy. Throughout the six days we were treated to so any amazing experiences, some even involving our drums!

It is such a humbling experience to be in circle as that simple act inevitably forms an energy which nurtures everyone and in turn sends love into the earth matrix. To add drums takes this experience to a whole new level which transcends the beat and creates a fundamental pulse which our bodies respond to as they embrace the healing vibrations and the remembering of campfires from other lives where shamans danced rituals for moons phases and sabbat celebrations.

Join us for a drumming circle to experience this yourself on July 21 (full moon) at the Sphinx Memorial, 412 Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra. (Meet at the gates to the National Park at 4.45pm) 5pm-6.30pm. Exchange $30.

RSVPs essential due to nature of location – thank you.

In the case of wet weather, alternative arrangements will be given. Extra drums will be supplied to those who need them.