It’s hard not to have been impacted by the images and news over the last few months as unprecedented fires, photos of maimed wildlife, threats of war, Royal Family intrigue and the ensuing political fallouts flash up around us. As we enter this new decade, the energy globally is tumultuous as it finds a new pattern of balance with codes and matrices continuing to download. Moving forward with greater clarity and purpose is hard when we allow ourselves to get caught up in this whirlwind of drama. Well-known sayings such as ‘Being calm in the face of calamity’ or ‘keeping your head whilst those around you lose theirs’ are particularly poignant. We all know if you are too emotionally engaged you rarely make the right decisions. Practising detachment does not mean that you don’t have feelings or don’t care – it means that you understand that running around like a headless chicken is not helpful on any level, so don’t allow other people’s life drama to cloud your present.

Make 2020 the year when you take time out to ground yourself, gain perspective, meditate, or just be. Give yourself space to consider the best result for the highest good of all. To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘small minds discuss people, great minds discuss ideas’. We can all make a difference through our choice.