As a mother looks lovingly on her child or an artist sees intrinsic beauty in everything, so we are asked to look lovingly on ourselves, to see that beauty within, to be kind to ourselves and to teach our children to do the same.  This is the foundation for a love of and compassion for humanity and a strong sense of worthiness.

Recognising the beauty within first, allows us to see beauty in all things. Letting go of comparison, shame, guilt and blame, emotions that hold us in the lower vibrations and prevent us from being present and joy-full – our Soul’s desire.

Spending time with ourselves, in our own presence without distractions is essential for inner peace and centeredness.  We may feel we’ve had enough time to ourselves recently with the global situation and resulting restrictions, but as Rumi said so wonderfully, “Do not feel lonely.  The entire Universe is inside you.  Stop acting so small, you are the Universe in ecstatic motion”.   It’s time to re-establish that relationship, to know we are whole, to tap into our creativity and inspiration (in spirit). 

Each day is a new opportunity to choose to thrive or simply survive.  Whatever our circumstances, we do have that choice if we recognise our worthiness and value in this world.  Setting that precedent for our children is critical for their mental health and wellbeing right now.