A wise friend said to me last week that we cannot create or destroy energy, we can only transform it.  There are three main ways we can raise our energy and vibration.  These are meditating, practising being present and looking inwards for answers and happiness, rather than relying on others to ‘make’ us happy.

How we view the world has a direct impact on our vibration.  Our energetic vibration and level of consciousness will also directly impact those around us whether we, or they, are fully aware of it.  How often do we come away from a catch up or meeting noticing that we feel either energised and happy or exhausted and drained?  And how aware are we of consciously lifting or lowering the energy in our daily interactions?  We do have a choice.  People will definitely respond differently to us depending on our level of vibration.

Learning to live in a conscious state takes constant practice, and being consciously present is the foundation.  What does being present really mean?  It means paying attention to our senses and to our surroundings, noticing what it feels like to stand under running water in the shower; hearing the sound of birds singing in the garden and enjoying that sound without necessarily having to name the birds; noticing the different shades of green in the trees and plants on the way to work.  Add to this, loving and respecting all of life in its diversity, not just those we love, but also all humanity and all nature.   When we do this, we raise our own vibration and level of consciousness as well as that of the planet.  When we reach this place, we cannot fail to perceive the world as beautiful, negativity can no longer flourish and our bodies can only be healthy.

In Dr David Hawkins’ book Power vs Force, he develops a Map of Consciousness that sets out 17 levels of consciousness with its associated energy field.   Shame and guilt are at the bottom.  Love, joy and peace are at the upper end with enlightenment at the very top.  He matches each of these levels with its related emotion and view of life.  Whereas the lower levels are draining and can be self-destructive, if we can consciously work on living our lives in the higher levels, we will feel more energised, in touch with our creative spirit and, of course, happier.  This, in turn, has a direct impact on our own vibration.  When we recognise this feeling, it’s easier to consciously raise our vibration.