What do we do when things are a struggle and seemingly never-ending? How do we react?

Sometimes the energy is just so sticky that one step forward feels like two steps backwards. I’ve certainly been feeling this way the last week or so!

“It’s gone in the too-hard basket”

One of my favourite expressions is “It’s gone in the too-hard basket”. Often I wonder is that just a cop-out or self-preservation? Sometimes we just have to let things go otherwise they will send us mad or we end up bashing our heads against the proverbial brick wall… again, and again, and again. In that case, I’ll settle for self-preservation every time. However, when we realise that there is the option to choose our reaction – and not just be led by what we ought to do – we are, in that moment, freed. And in that freedom, we recognise the specialness and beauty we feel for ourselves and others.

By becoming aware of those qualities within ourselves, it is then easier, in turn, to recognise in others and be reminded that we are all amazing beings, each complete, beautiful and eternal. Remembering this, and being kind to ourselves, inevitably helps us when things are challenging in this human experience.

By becoming alive to the beauty you carry within allows you space to release your struggles whilst spreading and rippling that energy outwards to others.