Each new year is a new beginning, an opportunity to reset, refocus or even start something completely different.  2021 is still filled with uncertainty after a year that was very difficult for many and certainly different for all of us, but we can choose to be excited about new beginnings nonetheless.

New Year resolutions are often about our physical health.  What if this year, we choose to focus on our spiritual health and how that can impact those we come into contact with and in fact the whole planet? 

Supposing we choose to imagine our inner self as a garden.  A beautiful place to spend time in peace, where we can go to calm the body and mind each day.  To observe and to reconnect with our Soul.  In getting to know our Soul, it is easier to love more, judge less and to find joy in all things.  We effortlessly attract our spiritual family to us and naturally feel more in tune with Mother Earth.  In this state we are able to create and co-create with ease.

If you find it hard to sit peacefully in your spiritual garden and discover its innermost essence, nourish and nurture it with love and daily rituals.  Let healing light reach into the shadiest parts of it.  Cultivate enriching relationships and spend time with those who freely share enlightened wisdom. 

The essence of all things is within you.  It is a divine Universe, a whole, a oneness, complete and without judgement.  Mother Earth is beseeching us to connect with that joy now.  This new year, allow your Soul to bloom.