This collective experience in which we find ourselves is precipitating an evolutionary leap demanding great courage. Despite being continually confronted with fear, we have a choice of how we will respond. We might feel alone but we are not alone in this as we are individually being called to act for the good of the whole. The macro and the micro are linked, so while our planet is experiencing a state of major evolutionary transformation, so are our inner worlds and personal lives.

All of humanity is coming to an understanding and awareness of our interconnectedness with each other and with our Mother Earth. It is a time of collective planetary healing that is undeniably linked to our own personal healing.

According to many light-workers, this is the time of the ‘Great Turning” – and it’s not in some future time, it is now. We are the ones who have chosen to be on Earth during this shift.

On a personal level, these times are calling us to strengthen our own inner resources, and abilities to self-soothe and heal. When we stop working or have no activities to continually distract us, we will eventually come to meet ourselves.

It requires bringing forth gentle, compassionate energy, as we unearth our fears, wounds, and shadows. No matter who we are, where we come from, what our experience has been, we all carry wounds, deep fears and hurts. It is part of our shared human experience and all of this resistance, has to give way. We have to trust that our divine masculine and feminine will rise, transforming into a rainbow warrior who courageously projects only love in the face of fear.

Of course, there are many who are being affected physically and financially, and we need to hold them in our prayers and wrap them in support during these times. We need to listen deeply and open our hearts wide in order to find the new solutions needed, to adapt and cope with the changes which our global transformation is requiring of us all.