Happy New Beginnings to you all as the wheel turns and we enter a new year and energy of love. January creates the opportunity to set the intentions for our own personal new beginning as 2022 is a year that awakens the memory of the seed we carry in our spiritual heart; an ancient remembrance. The white rose is symbolic of the qualities we need to express out to the world – qualities of compassion, kindness, inner beauty, gentleness, self-love, self-awareness and self-care must now mingle with the frequencies of love, harmony, inner peace, and union.

This is not a year to rush but it is a year to move forward; to open to the flow of the universe as you align with magick and miracles, that are often missed when we are in a state of constant doing. Slowing down to nurture the mind, body and soul will be key to creating a more harmonious experience for all in this coming year. Our actions will be like the ripple in the still water and will have wide-reaching energies.

The numerology of a “6” year is the embodiment of the heart and is considered to be the most nurturing of all numbers. It represents unconditional love and carries an energy of support, inspiration, and healing. It brings a powerful force of compassion and empathy into our energy field at a time when many need a warm light and beacon of hope. Six also brings an increase in our intuitive and clairvoyant abilities; the true meaning of a sixth sense. However, you cannot experience this through the ego mind, it must be through the lens of the heart.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger and will officially start on February 1st of 2022, with the new moon in Aquarius. This brings a year of great change since water amplifies the energy of flow and the ability to be receptive. Again, this can only take place when one has an open and receptive heart.

You may like to say the following mantra until the next new moon on 1 February:

I open my heart to the opportunities and new beginnings presented to me in 2022. I now release and am released from everything and everybody that is not for my highest good and is no longer a part of the Divine plan of my life.

With best wishes, love and light.

Judi and Kate